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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


Arts Week 2016

We began 2016 with our annual Arts Week and this year the theme was ‘Drawn to Our Church’. During the week, pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 spent time in St Sebastian’s looking closely at its beautiful architecture and artefacts as inspiration for their drawings. Back in school, we focussed on improving their drawing skills using a variety of media, including charcoal and pastels. The work pupils have produced is absolutely stunning and it is clear they have been truly inspired in St Sebastian’s. The children enjoyed learning more about the church; our infant pupils were very interested in the stained glass window and to learn about St Sebastian himself.

Much of the wonderful work is now stunningly displayed throughout the school corridors and has caused much of a stir. Click here to view it in the Drawn to Our Church Arts Week Gallery

In addition to learning more about the church and developing their art, each class also learned a new hymn which they have recorded for others to enjoy.