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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


Battle of Britain Day

Dahl class had a fantastic Battle of Britain day today.

We started the day by joining the rest of the year group in the hall. Every single one of us looked fantastic! We learnt about evacuation and discussed what we may have felt like if we were about to be evacuated. There were some brilliant responses!

When we returned back to the classroom, we looked at rationing. We were shocked to discover that even sweets were rationed! A challenge was set: plan 5 days of meals using your weekly rations. It was very hard and we had to think carefully!  Meanwhile, we all had a chance to make some carrot cookies. We learnt that carrot was added to sweeten the cookies alongside a small amount of sugar. You could grow your own carrots in your back garden so these were not a rationed item.

After break time, we looked at art work showing different scenes from the time. Each piece of art work was cut in to six and we each had a small part to create on a blank piece of paper. There were some brilliant and talented artists in the room. We can’t wait to piece our artwork together in our groups to see the bigger picture.

In the afternoon, we were very lucky to have two visitors from Arnoldfield. They were keen to share their memories of World War 2 and we were fantastic listeners. Although Mrs Kennedy was not evacuated, she met many evacuees from cities such as Nottingham. However, she told us that Grantham was the 3rd worst hit place in Britain because of the munitions factory. It was very interesting to hear some first-hand experiences.

We also looked more closely at evacuation and thought about the things that the children at the time would take with them. Unsurprisingly, iPads and phones did not appear in the suitcases!

Everyone had a fantastic day, learnt lots and left with a smile!