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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School



Our school is organised into ten classes according to age and number of children on roll. Arrangements and organisation of classes change from year to year. Some classes are taught in single year groups and some are taught with mixed year groups.

Each class teacher plans work for their children according to their age, ability and stage of development with due regard to the programmes of study of the National Curriculum.  Staff plan work in teams throughout the school to ensure consistency and progression.

Each class teacher is responsible for the pastoral care, i.e. personal and social welfare, of the children in the class.

All of our classes are named after authors of classic children’s books.

  • McKee  - Reception         
  • Carle - Reception          
  • Sendak - Year 1 and Year 2 
  • Potter -      Year 1  
  • Ahlberg - Year 2  
  • King-Smith - Year 3
  • Dahl - Year 3 & Year 4          
  • Blyton - Year 4  
  • Lewis - Year 5              
  • Carroll - Year 5 & Year 6
  • Defoe - Year 6