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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School



Mathematics is extremely important in everyday life and our key aim is to ensure our pupils develop a positive attitude to maths. Maths lessons take place every morning and, following the National Curriculum, we ensure that pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of:

  • Number and place value
  • Calculation
  • Fractions, including decimals
  • Properties of shape
  • Position and direction
  • Measurement
  • Statistics and
  • Algebra

We aim to ensure pupils master key concepts with a deep understanding so that are able to reason mathematically and explain their approach to mathematical problems.  There is a strong focus on the application of their knowledge and skill in the context of problem solving in real life too. Pupils are encouraged to apply their skills across the curriculum in a range of subjects but particularly so in science, geography and technology.

Our daily maths provision consists of:

  • 15-20 minute CLIC session where pupil  develop fluency and recall of numbers and key facts. Click here to see our Big Maths page.
  • 40-60 minute Maths lesson where pupils will master key concepts and processes in maths and develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.

If parents have any questions about maths, they should speak to their child's class teacher or our Maths Leader, Shelley Arthurs.