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Church of England Primary School


Flag Fen Visit

King-Smith Visit to Flag Fen Archaeolgical Park.

On Friday 16th September, King Smith class visited Flag Fen Bronze Age Archaeological Park near Peterborough.  Despite the forecast rain, we set off with big smiles and lots of excitement.

When we reached the site, our guide Andrea explained how Flag Fen had been discovered and how far the settlement stretched.  We learnt that the archaeologists had discovered remains of roundhouses, field systems and drove ways.  As the rain was beginning, we then quickly made our way to the school’s room.  Settling ourselves quickly, we created a human timeline and learnt the acronym RIBS to help us remember the chronology of history – Romans, Iron Age, Bronze Age and Stone Age.

At about 10.30, we rapidly walked to the Dig It tent.  Inside were four pits and around each were tools which archaeologists use.  For the next hour we dug in the pits, finding objects from the past.  We learnt that archaeologists dig in layers and were very careful when using the trowels to ensure we did not damage any artefacts.  After a couple of ‘tea breaks’, we looked at the finds which each team had found and eventually we realised that the ‘site’ we were digging was a Roman house but underneath we found the post holes from a Bronze Age roundhouse!

As it was raining, we unfortunately had to eat our lunch inside but Mrs Raistrick made it fun with some games.  Being careful not to slip on the wooden bridges over the fen, we made our way to a building which housed eight Bronze Age log boats (which were 3500 years old!) and we discovered that they all had different names.  We then discovered how many people the boats could carry by squeezing into a replica.

Next we entered a very special building and we were extremely lucky to see remains of the Bronze Age causeway (bridge) found at Flag Fen.  In 50 years’ time, the wood will have disintegrated.

Entering the replica roundhouse was an amazing experience.  It looked smaller on the outside.  On the inside it was enormous.  When we were all sitting comfortably our guide told us a story of fairies and dragons and magical swords.  We were awe struck!

We all had a wonderful, despite the rain and learnt a great deal about the Bronze Age and the job of archaeologists.

Which part of the day did you enjoy the most?