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Our Learning

Our pupils are passionate about learning and have a real thirst for knowledge. You can find out all about our curriculum and the things they are learning about on the pages in this section.

As well as learning about things, our pupils learn how to be brilliant learners and about how they learn.

Learning Partners

Your child will often work with a learning partner. Together they’ll share their ideas, plan their work, solve problems and reflect on their learning. It helps children to learn, even when they are at different stages of their learning. Learning partners are chosen at random and change every week. This is also great for helping the children to learn how to work with many different people, which is a life skill! 


At GHF we have a mastery approach to learning. This means we spend time becoming really confident with a particular skill before moving on to something new. Practise is really important. We practise skills not until we get them right, but instead until we can’t get them wrong. When we are fluent with a skill, we deepen our understanding by applying it to different contexts and problems and explaining what we know to others.