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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


Viking Wow Day

Last Thursday, Year 3/4 were lucky enough to experience a visit from The Hobgoblin Theatre Company who performed A Viking Tale.  We were enthralled by the story about Freya, an adventurous Viking girl from Norway, who sailed to England in order to save her village.  The children interacted with the performance, even helping to sail the Long Ship across the North Sea to England and being inspected for their worth in the market place.

After break, we warmed up ready for some role play.  We became a piece of clay and a sculptor and as clay were modelled into characters from the performance by our sculptor partners.  Eventually, we created freeze frames about Viking life and had to stand extremely still while people visited our Viking ‘museum’.

Sadly, The Hobgoblin Company had to leave, but in the afternoon, the children became archaeologists and studied coprolites (poo!) from the Viking era to find out what the Vikings might have eaten.