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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney

Year 5/6 Trip to Hill Holt Wood on Thursday 16th June 2016

Today, Carroll Class (together with Lewis and some of Defoe) visited Hill Holt Wood near Lincoln.

We spent a very busy day outside in the woods undertaking various activities.  On the woodland walk, we learnt to identify different types of trees, talked about the various animals which live in the woods and even stood on the top of a badger sett.  Hunting for mini beasts was great fun and armed with nothing more than a spade and a pot, the children managed to find a variety of woodland creatures including slugs, beetles, pearl millepedes, centipedes, spiders, silverfish, plenty of woodlice and even a toad and a 150 year old tooth.  During our pond dipping we had great success despite the slippery pond edge and identified water scorpions, dragonfly nymph larvae, cased caddisfly lavae, water boatman, pond skaters, great diving beetles and bloodworms.  We only managed to get one soggy foot!