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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


Y5/6 Greek day

On the 15th January 2020 we had a day that we could  dress up as a Greek citizen and see what it was like to be someone in that era. (Linking to our topic this term).


On Greek Day, we wore either a costume, a long white T-shirt or a white sheet with a belt or maybe a wreath on our head. We could also accessorise with a long red scarf or a red towel as a sash.


In the morning, we tasted a range of different Greek foods such as Taramasalata, Pitta bread, Greek yoghurt (etc).            

Pot making

After that, we made clay pots using the coil (stacking rings) or pinch (manually moulding the pot).

By Bethany Footitt And Lydia Sharman