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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


School reopens to YR, Y1 and Y6 from Monday 1st June 2020

Letter from Chair of Governors 

29th May 2020

Dear Parents

There are times when difficult situations are made easier by the people that are around you. The last 10+ weeks have been difficult in many and varied ways as I am sure you have felt. We are thankful however, for an incredible team that have risen to each and every challenge even to the point of going that extra mile to help keep our spirits up and a smile on our face – singing, dancing, dressing up, breaking coffee tables, sharing pictures of their younger selves! ‘The new normal’ has become a catchphrase over recent weeks, but ‘the new normal’ situation has been faced by our staff with a continuation of the ‘old normal’ of hard work, dedication and good humour.

June 1st will see a further challenge. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, we plan to be open on Monday for the specified year groups and children of key workers. In preparation for this, the Governing Board met on Tuesday to scrutinise and challenge the risk assessments, plans and procedures that have been put in place. We wish to express our appreciation for the incredible amount of work that has gone in to making it possible to open at the earliest opportunity and also for the willingness of our staff to come back to work under such difficult and worrying circumstances.

The school day will be different, your children may find some things strange, and things may not be perfect from the start. However, as a Governing Board we are confident that our leaders are approaching reopening with a careful, well thought through plan that has taken account of all the known issues and the current official advice. We know from every governor’s meeting that the welfare of everyone at school is the priority and therefore fully support the decision to reopen. Mrs Garland and her team will regularly review each plan that has been put in place and the Governing Board will continue to monitor and challenge. If at any moment the risk to welfare becomes too great, there will no hesitation in saying so and changing things accordingly.

We are thankful for the support that you as parents have given the school throughout this time and hope that the 1st of June will be the beginning of a slow but sure return to life at GHF as we would wish it to be.

On behalf of the governors,




(Chair of Governors)