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Anti-Bullying Week, from 16th November 2015

At this time every year, we focus on anti-bullying and this year our aim is to encourage the children to always speak out about and against bullying.

We have been talking about all the different aspects of bullying but some of the key areas we have covered are how much words can hurt, being a bystander encourages bullying and good friends don’t let their friends bully. This is a very important subject as nationally one third of 6-15 year olds were bullied last year and they are five times more likely to be bullied online. The children have been sharing their thoughts on this and have a demonstrated a real understanding and great empathy.  There is lots of information available for parents via the Anti-Bullying Alliance and we will also put a special section on our website.

Here are some wise  words from Bianca Alves in Lewis Class.


Treat people how you like to be treated (with respect).

Bullying is bad because it hurts other people’s feelings.

If you bully somebody that person will feel upset and lonely.

Bullying will make you feel bad because you won’t have any friends to play with.

If you bully, you’re a bad friend. If you are bullied, you must tell an adult or your parents.

Bullying is a very bad thing to do and nobody will want to be your friend.

Here is a fantastic peom written by Freya Munns in Defoe Class.


I get hurt and pushed,

My heart is broken,

The mean words you say,

I stand in a puddle,

From the tears I shed,

Telling you to go away.


The words you said,

Stay in my heart,

As I look back and remember,

The times I dread,

And the memories that are dead,

Telling you to go away.


Still to now,

When the years have gone,

I still go back and see,

What you really did do to me,

Oh, the memories I am stuck with,

Telling you to go away.


I thought that my life was over,

The world was over,

Nothing to care for anymore,

But then it was time,

To say goodbye,

Telling you to go away.


The years with each other were over,

Bullying and me,

Separated to be free,

I made new friends,

And the world didn’t end,

Telling you to go away.


You can see our Anti-bullying Policy here.