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Spring Lambs and Chicks


Infant pupils go to see baby lambs at Great Wood Farm and have little chick visitors.

This term, the infant children have been learning all about animals and their life cycles.

First, the children had a lovely visit to Great Wood Farm. They were able to see numerous sheep and lambs and learnt about why it was necessary to have them numbered.  The children took a tractor ride to look at the crops on the farm.  Everybody got a turn to feed the baby lambs with special milk.  The children learnt that if a sheep had more than 2 lambs then the others would need to be taken away to be fed extra milk.  Before returning to school the children made a lamb collage using sheep’s wool and straw from the farm. 

The whole school was buzzing when the chicks arrived in Year 1 and 2 classes for the last two weeks of the term.  The first chick hatched in Carle class and over the course of a week 19 chicks hatched.  The children were fascinated to see the chicks use their pipping tooth to crack the egg.  They were surprised to learn that it can take up to 24 hours before the chick manages to hatch completely.  Once the chicks were dry they were moved from the incubator to the broader box.  Every morning the children have eagerly come into their classroom to see how the chicks have grown overnight.  They have enjoyed taking care of the chicks and holding them.  We are sure they will all miss the chicks as they return to the farm on the last day of term.