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Galleries of Justice Trip

Y5 & Y6 go to Nottingham to learn more about criminal justice.

On Monday 21st May, Year 5 & 6 visited The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham as part of our topic. We got involved in lots of different activities during the day which was very different to what we’d usually do at school!

One activity we took part in was a murder mystery. We had to discover why a person had died and who had murdered them. We also had to find out how they had been murdered and what with – if you like to immerse yourself in drama, this is definitely the activity for you!

In a different part of the day, we were given different scenarios and had to decide whether these would go to a criminal, civil or juvenile courtroom.

We also went into the pits and dark prison cells where we saw different types of torture devices. We found out that people who had more money were able to pay for better cells and beds and that some people would cut off their hair to get better cells.

We really enjoyed our visit and learnt a lot of information towards our topic.

By Jack, Year 6