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National Roast Dinner Day

Celebrating healthy school food and roast dinner

On the 2nd of November, it was National Roast Dinner Day at GHF.

Schools across the country were serving freshly prepared, roast dinner to staff, students and their families as part of Food for Life’s annual Roast Dinner Day.

Launched by former school cook and co-founder of Food for Life, Jeanette Orrey, Roast Dinner Day recognises the fantastic work of cooks and catering staff carried out every day to feed and educate our children.

Our Head teacher Mrs Stylianides allowed parents in to eat with their children.

We have been reporting on this important day and also interviewed both Mrs Effield—the office manager—and Mrs Stylianides, as well as several of the students and collected their comments.

Here are some of those comments:

Lilly from Year 1 says that she “Likes her roast dinner a lot and wants some more!”

Mrs Hills from Carroll class quoted, “The food is lovely and the company is great.”

Francesca in Year 5 said that she “Loved her lunch and the dinner ladies.”

When we interviewed Mrs Stylianides and Mrs Effield, they explained to us why it was important to have days like this and how it connects to our values as a Church of England School.

It connects to service because we saw parents helping the students with their lunch. Compassion because everybody was enjoying it and making friends. Community, because everyone pulled together to achieve it.

We also thought it was a good idea to do this kind of activity more often as everyone enjoyed it.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our National Roast Dinner Day. We hope to see you at the next one.

By Sian Richards & Carys Davie, Y4