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Year 4 at Kingswood

Y4 have another fantastic residential at Kingswood.

You can view the photo album here.  Here is a recount written by some of the girls who went to Kingswood.

Day 1

The Year 4’s departed school at 1:15pm on Monday 19th June. Everyone was very excited, even the teachers were bursting with joy as we got on the coach.

After the long journey, we met our guide called Sophie. She told us our groups for the activities and showed us where to put our bags. Our group (Abigail, Marcie & Sian) was group 18.

We made our way to the low ropes course. First we started by swinging on a rope and making a ‘Tarzan’ noise. Then we tried to get the 13 people on 2 platforms. We found it easy! Next we tried with only 1 platform and that was soooo much harder!

After the activity, we grouped back together again and had a tour of Dearne Valley. Sophie took us to collect our bags then showed us to our dorms. We were in room 11. With us were, Isabel , Carys, Imogen, Millie and Ellis.

Once we were settled in, we all got changed into clean clothes and went for dinner. It was Cajun Chicken or Lasagne and a donut. We all went back with full stomachs and talked about school.

On the first night, we had a camp fire. The teachers had bought bags of marshmallows so that we could toast them. Arran Shelbourne burnt both of his! We all put charcoal (from the fire) on our faces.

At 8:30pm, we returned to our dorms and had showers. When everyone had a shower, we got into our PJs. When everyone had finally decided on where they were sleeping, we all got into bed and had a ‘midnight’ feast (we didn’t stay up long)!

Day 2

In the morning, we got dressed and headed down to breakfast. It was hash-browns, bacon and beans. When we got back, everyone brushed their teeth then went to the toilet. Suddenly, the fire alarm went off!

When we did Bush-craft, we got into groups of 5 and built a fire. Ours was the first one to be up and going. Sian and Imogen swallowed so much smoke that they sat out for a while.

We had a 15-minute break and then did Night Line. It was great because we were getting wet while having to avoid the obstacles. At the ends of the session, we got pay back and got the instructor wet!

Lunch was either macaroni cheese or beef pie. After lunch, our group went to the next activity, rock climbing.

When climbing, we had to wear a helmet harness to stay safe. Staying safe is one of the most important things about climbing. Four people were pulling on the rope to help the person on the wall reach the top.

Orienteering was our next activity. We had to find different numbers across the sight, it was quite hard as some people didn’t know exactly where to go, it was a puzzle!

For tea, we had delicious fish fingers with potato wedges and a choc ice for pudding.

Sophie and Dan came to get us for Mini Olympics. They introduced us to some games, relay races and acting. It was great fun.

Bed time was interesting. Imogen and Marcie shared a bunk bed (Marcie on top), Imogen found Marcie annoying as she was fidgeting around and making a massive noisy squeak, making it hard for everyone to sleep.

Day 3

On the final morning, everyone was very sleepy! All the teachers came into our dorms and turned the lights on at 6:30am and woke us up. Soooo tired!

We went for a massive breakfast. After that, we headed back to our dorms and started to pack our suitcases.

Our first activity of the day was the Crate Stack. We were numbered 1-7 and in order. We tried to stack as many crates as we could.  It was great fun because we got to just dangle in the air for 5-10 seconds. We could tell everyone enjoyed it.

Our final activity of the day was fencing, we were taught how to squat charge, double squat charge and on guard. It was an exciting experience as we’d never done anything like that before.

It was time to leave…The bus arrived at 12:50 after a scrummy lunch. We enjoyed the long drive home and arrived back at school for 2:30pm where we went into the hall and waited for our parents to arrive. It was really lovely to see them.

By Abigail , Marcie and Sian