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Under Pressure

Shona McCallin talks to us about pressure and managing stress.

On the 11th October 2017, Shona McCallin MBE, Inspire+ Ambassador, England hockey player and Rio gold medallist, visited GHF and talked to the children about pressure and stress.

Shona told them of the pressures she has in role and showed how they were very similar to the pressures that are on the children too. She talked to them about the stress these bring and how this makes her feel and the children talked about how stress made them feel – just about the same!

Shona told the children how she manages pressure and gave the children some really helpful tips.

  • Talk about it – speak to your friends, your family or teachers. If you like writing like Shona does, you could keep a diary and write about your feelings.
  • Listen to music as this helps distract your mind from the bad thinking and pressure. The children told Shona that music made them feel happy and relaxed and made them want to dance.
  • Get fresh air and use your senses – play with your friends, do some walking, listen to the natural surroundings.

Shona told the children that everyone feels pressure at times – it’s normal! You can think about how you can lower the stress it causes but remember that you can only do your best.

Lincolnshire County Council have recently launched the Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Pathway so that young people have access to information and advice in one place, and are aware of local services, that can help support them when experiencing emotional wellbeing, mental health or behavioural concerns. The information provided within this pathway is also designed to help families of children and young people experiencing emotional wellbeing, mental health or behaviour concerns and the professionals working with them. 

The pathway aims to provide children and young people, and their families, with better access to the right support at the right time.

Did you know that it was World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2017? This year the theme is workplace wellbeing. Here is a link to the official website:


Shona McCallin Visit

On Thursday the 12th October, England hockey player and Olympic gold medallist, Shona McCallin MBE, visited the school to speak to the children about how to cope with stress and pressure.

Shona discussed some of the ways she deals with stressful situations, including listening to calm music and reading a book to relax the mind, which the children could also use to help them cope with stress.

The children also learned that Shona is from Grantham and attended Kesteven and Grantham Girl’s School (KGGS) before becoming a full time hockey player for the England Team.

By Marcie, Year 5.