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Y6 Stratford Residential

Year 6 walk in Shakespeare's footsteps...

On the 4th of July, Year 6 travelled to Stratford to visit the home of William Shakespeare and learned more about the famous poet and author.  During our time here, we visited Mary Arden’s farm - Mary was the mother of Shakespeare. At the farm we saw lots of different animals including donkeys, goats and cows and we even got to feed the goats. We also took part in a Birds of Prey workshop where we saw a type of owl fly and learnt more information about that bird of prey.

During the drama workshop, we focused on Shakespeare and the play Macbeth. As part of the workshop we had to memorise and perform the first part of the play (which was the witch scene). We also practised using freeze frames which we all really enjoyed. This involved half of the room standing still and the other half of the room moving their hands and telling us how to stand while we were stood still.

On the tour of Stratford, we got the chance to see Shakespeare’s birth place and where he went to school. We got to visit Warwick Castle and explore all of the different dining halls, secret doorways and the dungeons – these were a bit dark and scary!

We had a great time on our trip and we enjoyed all of the different activities that we experienced, especially the drama workshop and exploring Warwick Castle.

By Molly and Olivia, Year 6