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Sports Day Fun

Two days of super, sporty fun.

On Thursday the 28th and Friday 29th of June, GHF School held sports day on the field. Key stage 1 had their sports day on Thursday and Key stage 2 had their sports day on Friday.

During the KS2 Sport Day, we all took part in different races and challenges. In the morning we had a go at throwing tennis balls, javelin and welly wanging as well as egg and spoon, completing a course on the trim trails and jumping.

In the afternoon, the first race was the obstacle course where we had to jump through hoops and run under a parachute. It was very hard!

The second race was the Egg and Spoon race which was much harder than it looked. It was really difficult to balance the egg and we all struggled.  After this, we had the sack race where we had to jump all the way to the end of the track whilst in a sack.

The fourth race of the day was the three h race. For this we had to get into groups of two and run to the end of the track with one of our legs joined onto the other person’s leg. Although this was really hard it was really funny to watch! The last race of the day was the sprint.

At the end of the day the house that won was announced. It was revealed the Nightingales has won sports day for Key stage 2! We all had a great afternoon in the sunshine and enjoyed taking part in all the activities and challenges.

Mia and Amarris, Year 3

The infant children had a brilliant Sports Day afternoon. They all took part in a carousel of exciting and tricky activities before their sprint races.  There was a lovely moment during a race when one child fell over and another runner went to help her - they both finished the race together. What super sports people our infants are!