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Y5/6 Lincoln Castle and Cathedral Visits

Why is it so cool to visit Lincoln? Y5/6 have been finding out.

Year 6 attend the Church Schools Festival in Lincoln Cathedral

On Wednesday the 6th of June, Year 6 visited Lincoln Cathedral and learnt about its historic past. After we had been split into groups, our group leader took us to our first workshop which was The Chapter House. At The Chapter House, we sang lots of new songs and some were about food.  We also practiced singing them in different tones of voice. After that, we went back to the main hall where we started our next workshop which was a guided tour around the Cathedral. We saw lots of things around the Cathedral including tapestries and religious ornaments. Our tour guide told us lots of historic facts and stories behind the Cathedral. Our most favourite story was the tale of the Lincoln Imp; there were two naughty Imps in the Cathedral and an angel turned one of them into stone because he was misbehaving but the other managed to escape. One of our favourite workshops was the bell ringing because it was fun, entertaining and we learnt how to create different tunes with hand bells. We played several fun games with the bells.  After lunch, we went back into the main hall where all the schools gathered for the closing ceremony.

We all had great fun during our visit to Lincoln Cathedral and we really enjoyed singing our hearts out during the closing ceremony.

By Scarlott, Taelah & Daisy, Year 6

Y5 Visit Lincoln Castle                                            

On Thursday the 7th of June, Year 5 went to Lincoln for the day and visited Lincoln castle. Whilst there, we had a tour of the castle walls as well as the prisons. One of the activities tested our bravery as we were walking along the castle walls (which were very high up!). After that, we visited the old Victorian prison where we found out that it was split into a male and female sections. There were lot of interactive boards around the castle that we particularly enjoyed. There was also a dressing up room -  it was funny to see all of our friends dressed up in old clothes! Another activity that we enjoyed was the films that were shown about real people who stayed at the prison.

We had a great day at Lincoln Castle and learnt a lot about what used to happen in the castle.

By Isabel & Imogen, Year 5