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White Post Farm Visit

Reception pupils have a lovely time learning about animals.

On Wednesday 6th of June, McKee and Carle class visited White Post Farm to have a look around.

During their visit, the children had the chance to walk around the farm and see all of the different animals, including pigs, goats, cows and sheep. They also got to feed some of the smaller animals and learnt that they had to be really gentle with them. As part of their learning, the children learnt about the different parts of an animal’s stomach and what these parts did.  They even got the chance to hold a snake which was scary at first but quite fun!

It was a lovely sunny day for McKee and Carle to walk around White Post Farm and they all seemed to really enjoy seeing and learning about all of the different farm animals.

By Kyan, Year 5


The children were all super listeners on the trip and the guides repeatedly commented on how well behaved the children were. They were a real credit to our school and everyone had a fantastic day out too!