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Y3/4 Visit Flag Fen

Y3/4 learn lots about the Stone Age and archaeology at Flag Fen.

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th September, Years 3 & 4 travelled to Flag Fen in Peterborough. When we got there, we met our tour guide who told us lots of information about the Stone Age during the day. For our first activity, we went into the ‘Big Dig Tent’ and used special archaeologist equipment (including brushes and trowels) to find old artefacts hidden underground. We discovered that what we had dug up could have been a bedroom and a kitchen in a Roman house.

After lunch, we went to look at some old boats that archaeologists found years ago. Some even had names, like Belinda! We then explored an old bridge that had been kept exactly the same as it was in the Stone Age!

Finally, we all gathered in a round house by a fire and listened to a story about Finley and the Giant and how they became friends. We even got to touch the ancient sword which had parts shaped like a dragon.

We had a great day at Flag Fen and learnt lots of new information about the Stone Age that will help us with our topic.

By Amy and Willow, Year 3