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Staying Safe

Y6 Drug Awareness workshop with Ad-Action.

On Monday 8th of October, Year 6 took part in a drug awareness workshop. We received a visit from a lady from Ad-Action who knew lots of information about different kinds of drugs, the dangers of using drugs and the affects that these can have.

We learnt a lot of information from this workshop including different types of drugs – we found out that Class A drugs were the most dangerous, followed by Class B and Class C.  We were shown pictures of some drugs so that we could identify them if we ever saw them.

We also learnt about ways that we can keep ourselves safe and stay away from drugs by making sure we do not take ‘sweets’ off anyone that we do not trust as these may be disguised as dangerous drugs.  We must make sure that if we are given tablets or medicine by a doctor, steroids for example, we should never share it with anyone because they might be allergic and it could be dangerous.

We were given information by the lady from Ad-Action about drug safety in the area that we live in.  She made us aware of a new type of drug that is starting to be used in Lincolnshire called Monkeydust and that if we ever hear about it we shouldn’t go anywhere near it.

We really enjoyed the Drug Awareness workshop - we learnt lots about different type of drugs and how we can keep ourselves safe.

By Charlotte, Alexis and Eliana, Year 6