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Get On Your Bike!

Year 5 complete Bikeability while Carle & McKee classes do Balanceability.

On the week commencing Monday 24th September, Year 5 took part in the Bikeability course. During the course, we learnt lots of different skills that we can use when we are riding our bikes.

We learnt how to indicate using hand signals and how to fix our bike chains.
We also had a go riding our bikes in and out of cones so we could learn how to ride and move around cars if we were on the road.   We practiced making right turns, left turns and u-turns so that we can turn our bikes around if we need to.

Our instructors told us about junctions and major and minor roads when riding our bikes. We learnt that when a minor road meets a major road it is called a T-junction and you have to give way to other people in vehicles.

At the end of the course we received badges and a certificate for what we achieved during the course. We had a great time!

By Alice and Katie, Year 5

Reception and Y1 pupils in McKee and Carle class have also been learning how to ride a bike this month as they have completed a course of Balanceability.

These are structured lessons that incorporate fun activities to help children develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness and bilateral co-ordination and will help them progress to riding a pedal bike.