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It’s a Masterpiece!

Pupils produce some fantastic still life drawings for our annual Arts Week.

This year our Arts Week focus was on still life and drawing. Over the week the children loved developing their drawing skills which they brought together for a final piece of work.

Each class had a well-known still life masterpiece as a stimulus for their work.

  • Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Still Life with Drinking Horn by Kalf
  • Verre et Pomme by Cezanne
  • Still Life by Derain
  • Still life by Morandi
  • Vanities of Human life by Steenwyck

They looked at how the artist carefully selected and arranged the objects and the meanings behind them.


At the end of the week, the children collected and brought together special objects, carefully arranging them just like the original artists had. Their final pieces of work had to incorporate a range of skills, objects and drawing media. The children really embraced their creativity and expressed their individuality though their drawings.

We think the children produced their best work and their masterpieces are on display throughout the school corridors now. You see a sample of the work in our photo album here.