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TakeOver Day

Pupils takeover the school as they learn the grown-ups' jobs for the day.

On Friday the 8th of March the Gonerby Hill Foot School held TakeOver Day. The children firstly had to write a letter of application to Mrs Stylianides (our head teacher) for a chance to shadow the job of any teacher or worker at GHF School. Our class teachers shortlisted the best letters to give to Mrs Stylianides. Then she read all the applications given to her and picked the children best fitting for each job in the school. Children who were selected received a letter from the head teacher telling them the good news.

Children who didn’t get a job came into school as normal whereas new workers came in wearing clothes appropriate for their new job, through the office to start off the day as GHF employees.  For children who had no job, they found it fun seeing their friends and classmates as teachers and in other roles in the school. Ones who were lucky enough to have a role in the school, loved stepping into their teacher’s shoes.

Some of the children who were involved in TakeOver Day have said a few things about their job that they have done.  Midday Supervisors Lily and Erin told me that they enjoyed being on duty in the playground and cleaning the tables and floor in the lunch hall. Kyan and Samuel who were reception teacher and teaching assistant said, “I enjoyed working with little children and helping change their reading books.” Sports apprentice Oakley said, “I enjoyed helping out with PE and it keeps me active and on my toes.”

Overall everyone had a thrilling TakeOver Day and won’t forget the experience. I was a head teacher and my whole team of head teachers had a lot of fun speaking in assembly and doing their jobs here and there. To ones that didn’t get a job this year I hope you will be lucky enough to get a job next TakeOver Day.

By Sara, Y6

On the afternoon of TakeOver day, everyone (including the children who didn’t have an official job) got the opportunity to teacher others something they know well. We had children teaching each other different languages, origami, modelling 3D animals, drawing skills, Irish dancing... the list is endless! Overall, everyone had a brilliant day and learned a lot.

See the TakeOver Day photo album here.