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KS1 Sudbury Hall Hiistory Trip

Year 1 and Year 2 pupils deepen their understanding of how toys have changed over the years. 

Recently, the Year 1 and Year 2 children had a great time visiting Sudbury Hall, the National Trust Museum of Childhood, as part of their history topic, 'Is a games console more fun than grandma and grandad's old toys?'  They enjoyed learning about and playing with toys that their parents and grandparents might have played with, as well as familiar toys from today. They were fascinated to learn what boys and girls did a long time ago and had great fun going up a (pretend) chimney and learned lots about doing the washing and ironing using a dolly tub and flat iron.  While they were sorting toys into different time periods, they were also interested to learn that some toys were made by hand and did not use the technology that they do today.

Of course the children all behaved well on the visit and, with both their behaviour and knowledge, represented our school beautifully.