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Adventurer, Sarah Outen visits GHF

Once again Sarah inspires us all with tales of her amazing adventures.

On Friday 25th of January, athlete Sarah Outen visited our school to talk about the different adventures that she has been on. She has been to lots of different places including Russia, Japan, Alaska and many others. She told us that sometimes it takes her a whole year to travel everywhere and that she learns lots of different things from her travels.

Sarah showed us lots of pictures of her adventures and also friends or inspirational people that have also been on amazing adventures. She told us that some of them had disabilities but their determination never stopped them from trying to reach their goals.

Sarah gave us lots of advice too. She told us to never give up on our dreams and to always use our imagination. She also told us that everybody is different and unique and this is something that is very special. Some things might try and stop us from achieving our goals but we should keep going and strive for excellence.

We really enjoyed our assembly with Sarah and she gave us lots of inspiration.

By Trulli and Lacey, Year 4