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Attendance and Punctuality

We are very proud to have above average attendance – it shows our pupils are very happy at school.

The school gate is open from 8:40am and pupils must come straight into school to be ready for registration at 8:50am. Once pupils have put their belongings away in cloakrooms etc., there are quiet settling activities in the classroom. 

Morning session

Infants: 8:40 am – 12:00 pm

Key Stage 2: 8:40 am – 12:20 pm

Afternoon session

Infants: 12:50 pm – 3:15 pm

Key stage 2: 1:10 pm – 3:20 pm

In accordance with legislation, school attendance is strictly monitored.  An explanatory note or telephone call (before 9:20am) is required on the first and every subsequent morning for all absences. If reasonable explanation cannot be given for a child’s absence, it will be recorded as unauthorised absence. Reasonable explanations include: -

  1. Medical, sickness, dental reasons
  2. Receiving part-time/temporary education at an off unit site
  3. Educational visit (i.e. with the school)
  4. Leave of absence due to exceptional circumstances granted by the Headteacher
  5. Excluded for fixed, indefinite or permanent period from school.

Any child who arrives late at school, after the registers have been closed, will be recorded as unauthorised absence with the exception of the explanations above.

Please inform us as soon as possible if you wish your child to leave early for a medical appointment or family emergency. We would expect him/her to be collected from school in these circumstances.  Please note that we only release children in school time to a parent or guardian and with prior written notification.

To avoid spreading illness, please note that pupils should not return to school within 48 hours of the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting.

Term time holidays and leave of absence requests

Government regulations state that the Headteacher can only grant a term time leave of absence during term time in exceptional circumstances.

The Department for Education has not defined what would be considered as ‘exceptional’ and it would be difficult for us to do so clearly, except to say that it would more likely be a one-off, unique situation. For example, a parent, grandparent or other close relative is seriously ill, and it is likely to be the last such holiday.

It is less difficult however to say what is not exceptional and in the Local Education Authority view, it is unlikely to amount to an exceptional circumstance if it is merely claimed that a holiday abroad can only be afforded in term time or that a parent is unable to take leave during school holidays.

We will follow current guidance from the Department for Education on granting a leave of absence in exceptional circumstances which says that the Headteacher should consider each request individually, considering factors such as:

  • The nature of the event for which leave is sought
  • The frequency of the request
  • Whether the parent gave advance notice
  • The Pupil’s attainment, attendance and ability to catch up on missed schooling

Please note, the headteacher may also ask for evidence to support the request.

Unless permission is given by the headteacher in advance of a holiday in term time being taken, the absence will be unauthorised. Lincolnshire County Council will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice where a child is absent from school due to unauthorised absence of 15% or above in a half-term period.

Therefore, all requests for leave must be made in advance and in writing (please see the form below). Please make sure that requests are made at least 4 weeks in advance. Please also make it very clear how the circumstances are exceptional.

The headteacher will confirm in writing when a request has been authorised.