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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


Golden Rules & Behaviour

Click here to view our Written Statement of Behaviour Principles.

Our Golden Rules clearly set our expectations in terms of behaviour and attitudes. 

Be Gentle, Helpful and Friendly

Always try your best

Listen to everyone

Be honest and fair

Look after property

Stay safe

We implement a clear behaviour policy and are very proud of the behaviour and attitudes of our pupils. We operate a traffic light, ‘Stay on Green’ system which pupils maintain in almost all cases. In order to achieve Excellence, we do expect our pupils to do that bit extra though and ‘Go for Gold’ and there are many rewards for their extra efforts. Please read our Behaviour Policy for full details.

We are all human and can occasionally slip up in terms of our behaviour but our traffic light system helps our pupils to quickly turn around their behaviour and put things right. However, if any child is persistently having behaviour difficulties, the head teacher will consult parents in order to discuss the difficulties and to find a way of moving forwards.

Physical violence and bullying is not tolerated under any circumstances and is dealt with immediately. Please read our Anti-Bullying Policy for further information on how we prevent bullying behaviours.

All adults are role models for children and all adults who enter our school are expected to behave with courtesy and kindness and to treat others with respect. Any visitor who is rude or discourteous to pupils or members of staff will be asked to leave the site immediately.