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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


History & Geography

The history curriculum adds the most to our topics and our pupils are fascinated by the past. We aim to expand their breadth of knowledge from the Stone Age to the Vikings and about significant figures such as Isaac Newton or significant events such as the Battle of Britain. They also learn about the history of the wider world and about societies that contrast with ours, such as the Mayan Civilization. Through their history topics, we aim to develop our pupils’ skills in thinking critically, weighing up the evidence and developing their own perspective on the past. The choices we have made in our coverage reflect what is relevant to our pupils and the community in which they live.

Geography also shapes our topics and our pupils are keen to learn about places near or far. As much as possible, we enable them to learn through fieldwork, such as making maps and sketches in Great Gonerby. Pupils use a variety of resources to learn about the human and geographical features of places further afield so that they can compare them with Grantham. As our pupils’ understanding grows, they learn more about the formation of landscapes and about physical features such as Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Through our topic planning we ensure pupils are taught the skills as per the overview and progression documents below.