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Gonerby Hill Foot

Church of England Primary School


Our Governing Body

Our governing body is responsible for working strategically with our school leaders to ensure the delivery of high quality education and is vital to our school's success.

Our governors are drawn from a variety of backgrounds and are appointed from a number of different sources including elected from parents of children at the school, members of staff, appointees of Lincolnshire County Council and appointees from the Church.

  • Mr Michael Buckeridge

    Chair of Governors

    Governor Category: Foundation

    Appointed by Lincoln Diocese Board of Education on Sept 2013

    Interests and Other Positions: None

    Link Roles:

    I have lived in Gonerby Hill Foot for the last 7 years having moved from a village outside of Grantham - where I worked as a herdsman - as a result of visiting an increasing number of schools to help with Collective Worship. I now combine my time between Bible teaching in Schools / Churches and Bookkeeping for some small businesses. GHF School was the obvious choice for our children and I have done various things in school throughout that time including, school assemblies, Bible Club, and helping with the school football team. I joined the GB in Sept 2013 as a Foundation governor and, as such, have a special interest in encouraging and monitoring the Christian ethos of the school, along with working with all members of our school community to ensure our children have the best possible start to their education.

  • Mr Stephen Crook

    Chair of Premises, Finance and Personnel Committee

    Governor Category: Co-opted

    Appointed by The Governing Body on 13/10/16

    Interests and Other Positions: None

    Link Roles:

    As a family we moved from Newark to Grantham 3 years ago and, with GHF being within walking distance, it was the obvious choice of school for our son.

    Since starting in 2014 we have been very pleased with every aspect of the school, not least the teaching. As time went on we began to appreciate the amount of hard work and effort that goes into making and keeping a school like GHF great. It is that appreciation that led me to volunteer to become a Governor. I wanted to become more than just a parent and take an active role in guiding and supporting the great work the head and her staff do that will shape the future of our child and many others that pass through the doors.

    In my professional life I am currently working as a Project Manager in Nottingham, working for a company that I accidently joined nearly 20 years ago and never left! I have progressed through many roles and worked in many areas of the business from manufacturing, through to sales and many other departments in between.

    The company has always had a strong set of values that appeal to me, and have served me well. I hope to bring some of these, along with my varied experiences to the role as Community Governor and make a positive impact as I join the Board of Governors at the start of the 2016/17 academic year.

  • Mr Gary Hewerdine

    Chair of Curriculum and Pupil Matters Committee

    Governor Category: Co-opted

    Appointed by Parents then Govenors on 15/03/13

    Interests and Other Positions: None

    Link Roles: Link Governor, SEND Gov

    I joined the Governing body as a parent governor in March 2013.  I have lived and worked in and around the Grantham area all my life.

    I work in the education sector as an External Quality Assurer (Quality Auditor) for a qualifications awarding organisation in the automotive industry which sees me auditing the effectiveness of training and assessment of schools, colleges, training providers and automotive manufacturers throughout the East Midlands and East Anglia.

    My reasoning and motivations for joining the governing body are that I see our children’s successful education as being a key and vital part of our society today. With this in mind I see my role and responsibility as a governor being to ensure that wherever possible the school senior leadership team and teaching staff are given as much support as possible to facilitate this whilst maintaining their accountability.

    I attend a number of school events including spending time with children and hearing their views and thoughts on school. It is great to see and hear that our children have so many good ideas about what they enjoy and are happy to share their opinions and thoughts about all aspects of school life.

  • Mrs Jo Spendlove

    Governor Category: Co-opted

    Appointed by The Governing Body on 2014

    Interests and Other Positions: Teaching Staff

    Link Roles:

  • Vacancy

    Governor Category: Foundation - Ex-Officio

    Appointed by Lincoln Diocese Board of Education on

    Interests and Other Positions:

    Link Roles:

  • Mrs Claire Stylianides

    Governor Category: Headteacher

    Appointed by Automatic appointment on taking up role as Headteacher on Jan 2012

    Interests and Other Positions: N/A as staff member

    Link Roles:

    I joined the Governing Body when I was appointed to the post of head teacher in January 2012.

    My role is to provide the Governing Body with information which they can use to help them carry out their role as strategic leaders. This information includes the school improvement, pupil performance, staffing, site matters and budget for example.

    I work closely with the Chair of the Full Governing Body and the committee Chairs in particular in support of their preparation for meetings. Additionally, I liaise with the specific link governors during their monitoring visits to school.

  • Mr Tony Ruby

    Governor Category: Parent

    Appointed by The Governing body on 24/06/15

    Interests and Other Positions: None

    Link Roles:

    My name is Tony Ruby, although my mother would call me Anthoney, I have lived in the Gonerby Hill Foot area for 3 years, and have worked in and around Grantham for my whole life.

    In July of this year I married my long term, and some would say long suffering, partner Sara. We have two children; one already at GHF school and one who will be starting in 2 years’ time. A month prior to this I was elected to the Board of Governors at Gonerby Hill Foot school, as a Parent Governor, and can now fully appreciate the hard work, time and skills donated by local people to ensure the direction & development of the school, and more importantly the welfare of the children is set to the highest possible level.

    My day to day work is very local, I value homes for sale and instructing them to the market in and around the Grantham area. I have been an Estate Agent for 10 years and love the work I do, the people I meet, and the company, Newton Fallowell just as much. The directors have been very supportive of my appointment to the board of governors, Mark Newton especially, having served 20 years as a governor himself.

    My motivations for applying to the board of governors are simple and clear, to make a positive difference to the life chances of children, and to add something back into the local and wider community, a community that has supported my, and many other families for years, and will do for our future generations.

  • Mrs Lin Raistrick

    Governor Category: Staff

    Appointed by Staff of GHF on 17/10/13

    Interests and Other Positions: Deputy Headteacher

    Link Roles:

  • Mr Paul Davie

    Governor Category: Foundation

    Appointed by Lincoln Diocese Board of Education on 13/10/16

    Interests and Other Positions:

    Link Roles:

    I am honoured to have been nominated to serve as a Foundation Governor, and look forward to working with the Governing Body to serve Gonerby Hill Foot school in the coming years.

    As a parent with one child at the school, and another who has recently left the school having spent 7 good years at Gonerby Hill Foot, I have been impressed by the education offered by Gonerby Hill Foot, both academically and in the wider development of the children.

    As an active church member, I look forward to contributing to the governance of the school, and especially helping to support the school’s leadership in maintaining and developing the ethos of the school.

  • Mrs Clare Gaylard

    Governor Category: Associate

    Appointed by The Governing Body on Sept 2013

    Interests and Other Positions: Staff

    Link Roles:

  • Dr Maria Kordowicz


    Governor Category: Parent

    Appointed by Parents on 11/10/18

    Interests and Other Positions: None

    Link Roles: