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Our school values the partnership we have with parents and carers in ensuring our pupils are happy and secure here and achieve their full potential. As part of our commitment to provide the best education for your child during their time with us, we ask that all parents and carers use the home school diaries and communicate with school to support their child.

Working together, we will: 

  • Provide a high quality education which supports our children and helps them achieve their best. 
  • Make our school a safe, secure and happy place in which to succeed. 
  • Equip children with a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom. 
  • Help our children look after themselves and each other.  


We use ParentMail to communicate regularly with parents through email, newsletters and letters regarding specific events. Hard copies are sent home with pupils not signed up for ParentMail; although it is worthwhile checking book bags as important announcements can sometimes be missed! We also regularly add updated information and news to our website.

Curriculum, or open, evenings for parents are held to keep parents informed about various areas of the curriculum e.g. Reading, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Assessment etc.  These can take the form of a talk, workshop, viewing resources which children use, visits from outside speakers etc.  We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at these events so that they can understand how their children work and learn at school.

If you have worries or concerns about your child, do please let us know.  If the matter is urgent, it is usually possible to have a quick word with your child’s teacher at most times.  If not, a message can be taken and staff are always willing to make appointments to see you after school.

The end of the day is a good time to talk to a class teacher if you want to ask about your child’s day etc. Please wait until the teacher has dismissed the rest of the class and then you can get their full attention. Also, if you would like a more private conversation, the teacher can take you inside if need be.

Reporting to Parents

In the Autumn and Spring terms we organise a formal meeting for you to discuss your child’s progress with the teacher.  A written report is sent home at the end of the Spring Term detailing your child’s progress and targets to support them to the end of the school year.  This report is discussed with parents and a final end of year attainment and progress summary will be provided.  If problems arise at other times, the class teacher or Headteacher will contact you for a meeting. 

Parents’ Support

The Friends of the School Association (FSA) has been active in its support to school for a number of years and includes parents and friends from the local community.  The purpose of this association is to help the children at the school and also to foster broader links with the local community.  The FSA organise fund-raising activities to raise money for additional equipment and resources and a range of functions are held throughout the year e.g. Christmas and Summer Fairs, discos and quiz nights. All parents are eligible for membership, and are welcome at all activities.  Our school is very fortunate to have such an excellent Association whose members work very hard all the year round.  Many resources have been purchased for the benefit of our children through their efforts.

We also value the voluntary help in classes which we receive from parents and carers past and present, and acknowledge that many of the activities could not take place without such help.  Parents/carers assist us in hearing children read and in talking to small groups or individuals.  Volunteers who can make a regular commitment are always welcome, and if you have a particular skill or feel that you would like to become involved in a classroom, please have a word with a member of staff.

Legislation does require that everyone in school, including voluntary helpers completes the necessary security clearance forms.