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Positive Relationships

Click here to view our Written Statement of Behaviour Principles.

Our guidance to support an inclusive community can be summarised in three clear expectations.




We implement a fair and consistent policy to support Positive Relationships and are very proud of the behaviour and attitudes of our pupils.   We work to support every child to be 'living life in all its fullness' through a system of positive relationships, reinforcement and support as needed.

We learn to value our unique skills and attributes and the variety of ways that we all communicate.  By ensuring all pupils   understand the importance of Ready, Respectful, Safe we can build a community where learning, loving and living are at the heart of our community.  Any pupils who find this a challenge will be supported by school and parents.  We will seek support to enable all children to flourish.

Physical violence and bullying is not tolerated under any circumstances and is dealt with immediately. Please read our GHF Anti-Bullying Policy for further information on how we prevent bullying behaviours.

All adults are role models for children and all adults who enter our school are expected to behave with courtesy and kindness and to treat others with respect. Any visitor who is rude or discourteous to pupils or members of staff will be asked to leave the site immediately.