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Our pupils are naturally inquisitive and curious about the world around them. Our science curriculum aims to encourage and develop these skills. Through lots of first-hand experience, pupils gain knowledge and understanding in all three elements of science. Science is a core subject and an essential part of our pupils' learning.

Pupils will have the opportunity to experience and observe phenomena. They will look closely at the natural and humanly-constructed world around them. They will be encouraged to be curious and to ask questions about what they notice. In the early years, they will begin to answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions about their experiences whilst also recognising similarities and differences in the world around them. They will start to explain why some things occur and will make simple observations. They will understand how to keep healthy and will recognise the importance of exercise.

In KS1, pupils will build upon their current knowledge and will begin to think more scientifically. They will start to ask and answer more complex questions and will conduct simple tests using simple equipment. They will understand how to gather and record data to support in answering questions about the world. Their understanding of the environment and the species within it will develop and they will make observations about living things and seasonal changes. Pupils will distinguish between man-made and natural materials and their everyday purpose.

In LKS2, pupils will broaden their scientific view of the world around them through exploration and testing. They will begin to develop ideas about functions, relationships and interactions. They will continue to work scientifically. More thought-provoking questions will be asked and simple enquiries will be set up. Data will be gathered and recorded in a variety of ways and conclusions will be drawn. They will develop a deeper understanding of the living world through exploration of key relationships and will recognise their own impact. They will gain an understanding of their own body and how it functions. As well as understanding the living world, they will begin to explore physics and chemistry.

In UKS2, pupils will continue to work scientifically and will increase the complexity of data gathering and recording. Their questions will build upon previous learning and they will use scientific evidence to support or refute ideas. They will continue to enhance their understanding of the living world and will observe more complex relationships whilst exploring life’s processes. Furthermore, they will gain a deeper understanding of their own body and how human life has evolved over time. They will build upon their understanding of the physics and chemistry of the world whilst also exploring the topic of space.