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Early Years – Reception

At Gonerby Hill Foot Primary school we ensure that all children have the ability to build on the range of the experiences they have had before starting school and go onto become lifelong learners and educated citizens. Through the expertise, care and love of the EYFS staff we provide learning experiences of the highest quality. Allowing children to play, learn, progress and flourish in an environment in which they feel loved, challenged and confident. This prepares them for starting the National Curriculum in Year 1.

Early Year Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage is the name given to the phase of learning from birth to five. By the end of the Foundation Stage (the end of Reception) most children are expected to achieve the Early Learning Goals and where appropriate go beyond them.

The areas of learning

Prime areas of learning:

Communication and language

Physical development

Personal, social and emotional development

Specific learning areas:

Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and expressive arts and design

The sets out the standards for development, learning and care of children from birth to five.

How will my child learn?

The EYFS framework identifies the essential role of play in your child’s development. It is through both child-led play and play guided by an adult that your child will develop confidence and relationships with others. Through play, we will help your child to extend their vocabulary and develop their communication skills. The EYFS framework identifies three characteristics of effective teaching and learning:

  • Playing and exploring
  • Active learning
  • Creating and critically thinking