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Statement of Intent

At Gonerby Hill Foot it is our intention to enable all children to be able to live life to its fullness and become global citizens by providing pupils with a high-quality education in English. We believe children should be empowered to be articulate, honest and confident communicators, whilst understanding the importance of listening to the ideas of others. Through reading in particular and by being immersed in a language rich environment, pupils will have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. By offering an ambitious English curriculum where reading is at the heart of it, children will acquire knowledge, build on what they already know and the develop the skills of language.

By the time the children of Gonerby Hill Foot leave we want them to have a thirst for reading, be able to write for a range of purposes fluently and have a strong command of the spoken word.


Reading is a key priority in the curriculum. It is taught in many ways and begins with the teaching of Phonics (the sounds that letters make) and, from Reception to Year 2, Phonics lessons take place every day. You can find out more about our approach on our Phonics page.

Being able to decode text is important but so is an understanding what has been read. Therefore, we provide many opportunities to read a range of texts with pupils and talk about what has been read. Click here to find out more about Reading.

We work hard to be great writers too and everyone takes great pride in their written work. We focus on writing legibly, fluently and coherently in a range of styles so pupils are able to communicate thoughts with accuracy, imagination, enjoyment and description.